NLJH History

North Layton Junior High first opened its doors to its diverse clientele in 1969. Serving approximately half of Layton City and all of the students living on Hill Air Force Base, its student-body included a variety of nationalities from all over the world which assisted in the school earning the nickname, "The United Nation's School."

The school has been guided by a variety of principals who each seemed appropriate for the needs of the school at the assigned time. The first principal was John Carter. He was followed by Dr. Claude Magnum, James Layton, Larry Millward, Scott Greenwell, John Zurbochen, Ryck Astle, Dr. Ross Poore, David Turner, Greg Wilkey, Kathryn Ashton, Edward Campbell and currently, Corby Eason.

Under their direction, the school has grown in the number of students being served as well as physically with three additions. The first was on the east side of the building in 1984, followed by the seventh grade center, practice gymnasium, and cafeteria addition in 1993; and most recently, the new Comprehensive Guidance Center which was completed in 2009. The school has also had as many as nine portable classrooms to meet the demands of enrollment increases.

NLJH has also survived being on a year-round schedule for two years. This presented some interesting opportunities; but, with a strong staff and faculty as well as parental support, the process was successful until it was no longer needed.

The faculty and staff have been committed to a "middle school" philosophy. They have been innovative in reviewing and considering any program that would directly benefit students. Under the direction of Scott Greenwell, North Layton was the first school to begin instructional teaming across the seventh grade in a seventh grade center. Support for this successful concept has continued through each succeeding administration.

Stepping out again as first in the district, the community adopted school uniforms as part of the dress standard for the school 13 years ago during the 1998-99 school year.  A research study conducted after implementation of the standard identified a positive relationship between the implementation of school uniforms and a positive change in school climate and student behavior. In 2015 the dress code policy was dropped.

North Layton Junior High School has always served a socially economic and culturally diverse population and undergone a variety of changes over the years, but has continually striven for opportunities for student excellence. The school has always celebrated its diversity and provided programs and opportunities to meet the needs of all students. This philosophy is reflected in the honors classes, peer support, peer tutoring, MESA, special education, after-school tutoring, after-school remediation, student leadership circles, and sports, as well as dramatic and musical programs.

North Layton Junior High has successfully undergone continual growth and change in many areas since the opening of its doors. Its success, in reality, is a tribute to current and past staff, faculty, parents, and students that have walked these halls and supported the offered programs over the past forty seven years. We look forward to continued success as we build upon past experiences and face new challenges with the same spirit which has been our hallmark all along.