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Citizenship Make Up

Every term we have a variety of ways that students can work off citizenship issues such as 'U's and 'N's.  Students are encouraged to make up citizenship grades that fall below satisfactory during the grading period with the help of their teacher.  In the event the citizenship grade remains, several options will be given to the student through ISS. 

Dress Code

The Board of Education of the Davis County School District recognizes that standards of proper dress and grooming affect the behavior of students, and that there are sanitation and safety factors directly related to proper dress and grooming. All students are expected to take pride in their appearance and to dress and groom in a manner that will not disrupt the instructional climate at North Layton Junior High.  To maintain an orderly and safe environment,and to promote an appreciation of the importance of appropriate attire, students are expected to comply with the following guidelines:


As per Utah State statute, school administration has discretionary authority over all dress code issues. 


Due process for any dress and grooming infractions will be as follows:

Student will be issued a written and/or verbal warning.

Student will be asked to immediately comply with dress code standards by wearing a school-provided shirt, parent bringing appropriate clothing, or student checking out and returning to school properly dressed.

Clothing shall not be worn which may disrupt, call undue attention to, or interfere with school functions. Clothing shall be of modest design.

  • All shirts must have sleeves! No tank tops, bare midriffs, bare stomach, backless or sheer fabrics, or visible undergarments including bra straps. Entire torso must be covered at all times. No deep scooped necklines or exposed cleavage allowed.
  • Pants that expose buttocks, visible undergarments, or sag below the hip bone will not be allowed.
  • Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be no shorter than fingertips placed at ones’ side.
  • Clothing shall be neat and clean. Rips/tears on pants must be sewn closed and/or have fabric underneath so as not to show any skin.
  • Any item school officials view as promoting or displaying gang membership or affiliation, violence, brutality, obscene or inappropriate material, illegal items, weapons, or criminal activity will not be allowed.
  • No startling or disruptive hair or make-up styles or extreme hair colors.
  • No hats or hoods.
  • Outdoor coats, gloves, and backpacks must be kept in a locker during school hours.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times, slippers are not allowed.
  • Clothing attachments or accessories which could be considered a weapon including, but not limited to spikes, chains, or oversized belts will not be permitted.
  • Exaggerated body piercing is not allowed. No facial piercing allowed.



Grading Policy

Our grading scale at North Layton Junior High School is used by all teachers in all classes.  We grade our students on what they learn and achieve.  Other factors such as late work, attendance, and behavior in and out of the classroom are handled by the administration and office staff.  These factors will be taken into account by teachers when figuring out their citizenship grade.

Grading Policy

First page of the PDF file: GradingPolicy

Citizenship Policy

First page of the PDF file: NLJHSchoolWideCitizenshipGradingPolicy

Tardy Policy

To ensure students gain essential skills and knowledge and prepare for career & civic responsibilities, students are required to attend class regularly and on time.  If a student has difficulty with getting to class promptly, the following policy applies:

1st Tardy - Warning/Student Sign Contract

2nd Tardy - Student Phone Call to Parent

3rd Tardy - Tardy Policy Contract Signed by Parent

4th Tardy - Counselor Referral & 30 Minute Lunch Detention

5th Tardy - Counselor Referral & 30 Minute Lunch Detention

6th Tardy - Counselor Referral &  2 30 Minute Lunch Detention

7th Tardy - Counselor Referral &  2 30 Minute Lunch Detention

8th Tardy - Referred to Administration - ISS Assigned

9th Tardy - Referred to Administration - Parent is contacted

Cell Phone & Electronic Device Violations

“Electronic Device,” used for the purposes of this policy means privately owned wireless and/or portable electronic handheld equipment.  If an electronic device is seen or heard in class, it may be confiscated. (See individual teachers’ disclosure for class specific policy).  Students who refuse to give phone or electronic device to an adult when asked will be referred directly to the administration, and additional consequences will be considered.
Electronic devices that contain pornographic material or are used in a way that threatens, humiliates, or intimidates individuals, including students, employees, and visitors, violates the law.

The electronic device will be released /returned to the student or parent/guardian based on the following:

1st offense: Phone/electronic device is confiscated and student will be able to pick up the device from the office after school. Student receives 15 discipline points.
2nd offense: Phone/electronic device is confiscated. Parent/guardian notified and the parent will be able to pick up the device from the office after school. Student receives 20 discipline points.
3rd offense: Phone/electronic device will be confiscated.  Parent/guardian will be notified and device will be held for 6 school days.  At the conclusion of the 6th day, student may pick up device from the office.  Student receives 25 discipline points.
4th offense: Phone/electronic device will be confiscated and a parent/guardian meeting will be arranged.  A plan of action will be discussed at that time.  Student receives 30 discipline points.  
Additional offenses:  Phone/electronic device will be confiscated.  Consequences will be determined at the discretion of the administrator.