Principal Message

Ed Campbell

Mr. Campbell

The other day, while I was driving, I pulled behind a Weber State University police officer.  On his bumper it read, “Education before Enforcement.”  I love that statement.  As a principal, I am an educator first and a rule enforcer second.  People tell me that I am not a teacher, but that I am here merely to insure students follow the rules.  However, my educational philosophy is that of an educator, not an enforcer.

Everything we do, every program we run, every activity we support at North Layton Junior High is to educate our students and to help them grow as people. Rules do not exist at NLJH simply to be enforced.  Our rules exist to assure student safety and to provide a positive learning environment.

There are times when students make a poor choice and end up in the office.  If this happens, the administration uses that opportunity to help educate our students and give them the chance to correct their behavior.  Just like the teacher who teaches in his or her classroom, we teach in the office.

I love your (our) children and I want all of them to succeed.  My staff and I will do everything we can to help the students here learn and grow.  I want to see our children achieve all the positive things they set out to do.  I am here for our students and I am here for you.  Never hesitate to reach out to me for help.  

Longhorns Learning Today…Leading Tomorrow

Edward Campbell
North Layton Junior High School