Principal Message

Ed Campbell

Mr. Campbell

Longhorn Parents and Students,

Last year was a tough year for all of us, but together we made it through, and are stronger as a community for it. The 2021 -22 school year will be the best year ever at North Layton Junior High. How do I know? I know because I know our community.

This will be my seventh year as principal at North Layton Junior. Over these past years I have seen a positive change in me, and in all of us. Our community cares about our children and will continue to work together to provide them a world class education.

This past year the entire faculty and staff at North Layton Junior High stepped up to the unique challenge of educating children during a pandemic. They faced the challenges brought on by the pandemic and smashed through those challenges with new and innovative ways of educating. I am proud to work with such great people.

For the first time ever, our school provided Spanish Immersion services to our students. Our school was recognized as a Purple Star School by the US military. The faculty overcame their personal fears and all the challenges of the pandemic to provide social emotional learning to our students and created a behavioral plan to meet the safety and personal needs of each individual student. They educated our children both online and in person. Each adult worked tirelessly to meet the needs of our children.

I am also grateful for your support and dedication as a parent. All year long parents worked right beside teachers and staff members for the wellbeing of our students. The hours of service dedicated by the PTSA, Community Council, and by individual parents was amazing. Parents helped their children figure out Canvas, and online education. Parents communicated in a positive manner with teachers, and together they worked for the betterment of our students.

Finally, Longhorn students you made a real difference. You worked harder than ever and took responsibility for your own education. Discipline issues were almost non-existent. You achieved more than many thought possible. You each contributed to a better, safer learning environment for all. Because of this North Layton Junior High is a more positive learning environment where all can succeed. Because of you, your parents and everyone who works at North Layton Junior High I am proud to call myself a Longhorn!

Longhorns Learning Today…Leading Tomorrow.

Edward Campbell
North Layton Junior High School