Principal Message

Ed Campbell

Mr. Campbell

Parents and Students,

My faculty, staff, and I continue to work hard to ensure that the 2022-23 school year is a successful and memorable year for the Longhorns. To work in education and especially at a junior high school a person must be dedicated, skilled, a hard worker, and full of hope. These four qualities exist in every adult at North Layton Junior High School.

As principal, I have three simple goals for myself as I strive to create a successful learning environment. I want all my students to:

- Learn

- Be Safe

- Enjoy Learning

All schools exist to educate students. At North Layton Junior High we work to motivate our students to learn. We strive to meet our students’ individual educational and personal needs. For any student to learn they must feel safe and enjoy learning.

If a student does not feel safe, they will focus their full attention on that lack of safety. Until a feeling of safety is reintroduced a student is incapable of learning. Learning and Safety go hand in hand. We recognize this fact at North Layton Junior and work to improve and maintain true safety for all our students.

Along with safety a student needs to enjoy learning. Students will learn more when they are safe, enjoy what they are learning and the entire process of learning. Students who do not enjoy learning do not see a need to learn. They avoid learning and therefore do not attend class regularly. They do not put in an effort for what they perceive as a waste of time. For every student we fail to educate, we fail our school community. Every one of our students is important. They need us, and those of us here at North Layton Junior High School will be there for the Longhorns every day!

Longhorns Learning Today…Leading Tomorrow.

Edward Campbell
North Layton Junior High School