Principal Message

Ed Campbell

Mr. Campbell

Dear Longhorn Parents,

This is my sixth year as principal of North Layton Junior High School. It is with pride and my honor to work with our community towards the education of our children. We are a diverse community that encompasses five elementary schools. We have families that come here from all over the country, and even the world, thanks to Hill Air Force Base. The one constant of our community, however, is how much we all love our children.

Every single adult who works at North Layton Junior High School loves our students and is willing to do whatever it takes to see that each individual  learns and succeeds. In our building entrance there hangs a quote from Mr. Rodgers. He talks about “the helpers” who have always been around  in times of tragedy. I feel our teachers and staff are those helpers. We will help your students; we will help your family, and we will help our community to always achieve success. We pride ourselves on improving ourselves and the students and families we work with.

Longhorns Learning Today…Leading Tomorrow

Edward Campbell
North Layton Junior High School